1.   New homes will typically require less maintenance.
2.  New homes have the peace of mind that comes along with the builder's and appliance's warranty.
3.  In 10 years, a new home purchased today is likely to have more value simply because you own a newer home designed to meet today's standards.
4.  What you do get in a new home (if you build with the right builder) is a house that will need fewer costly repairs, which will cost you less for updates.
5.  New homes will have a greater energy efficiency and cheaper utility bills.
6.  New homes reflect the most modern, up-to-date thinking on space design and budgeting.
7.  There's an emotional appeal of being the original owner of a house. For many people, a house isn't truly theirs unless they're the original owner.
8.  New homes usually incorporate the latest advances in construction materials, wiring, heating, air conditioning, appliances, windows, and insulation. These     upgrades translate to real savings on utility bills.
9.  New homes are built to current building and safety codes.
10. New building materials are often safer, as they don't include things such as lead or asbestos.